The Wit & Wisdom of President Donald Trump: A Fair and Balanced Political Portrait


“The Wit & Wisdom of President Donald Trump” is a book that has been painstakingly researched to reveal the true intellect of our 45th President. Which explains why all 57 chapters are empty. If you’re offended by this, buy two and burn them. You’ll feel better. If you think this is funny, buy two and give one to a friend or family member. A portion of the proceeds from all books sold will go to pay the author’s state and federal taxes, as well as his health insurance premiums.


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This book has been painstakingly researched to uncover the wit and wisdom of President Donald Trump. These pages were the result of months of exhaustive research as I poured through thousands of documents, speeches, statements, press releases and tweets. No stone was left unturned to present the insight and knowledge of our 45th President across a variety of topics. This thoroughly assembled compendium portrays a picture of a political figure like no other. A man who takes a hands-on approach to the issues: women, taxes, healthcare, immigration, wall-construction, Russia, alternative facts, voter fraud, bankruptcy, campaign strategy and The Apprentice. This is President Donald Trump.

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Tim Murphy


178 Pages


CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1 edition (March 18, 2017)







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