Flannel John’s Dog Bowl Cookbook: Homemade Treats, Eats, Dinners and Snacks


Tim Murphy has authored more than 30 “cookbooks for guys.” Now he turns his skills to cooking for some of his best friends…dogs! “Flannel John’s Dog Bowl Cookbook” offers dozens of home made recipes for our furry, four-legged family members. For those that would like to come up with their own recipes from scratch, Murphy lists some of the best ingredients to feed Fido. He also lists those human foods you should never feed to a dog. It’s all about keeping them safe and healthy.


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There is a bond between dogs and people that is subtle, profound and undeniable. The relationship is one of friendship, companionship, service, trust and love. It’s no wonder so many of us consider dogs a member of the family. We celebrate life alongside them and grieve when they pass. We play, work and live with dogs and yes, cook for them. This book contains dozens of recipes for healthy treats, eats, snacks and dinners. We all love good home cooking…even dogs. “Bone” appetit!

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Tim Murphy


52 Pages


CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1 edition (August 17, 2015)







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