Flannel John’s Hunting Cabin Cookbook: Venison, Fowl and Wild Game (Cookbooks for Guys) (Volume 9)


In this book Flannel John return’s to his roots by making meals from what is harvested from the land. If you’re in the woods, on the plains or in the marshes you’re harvesting from nature’s pantry. So once you’ve filled a deer tag, tracked an elk or moose, brought home some ducks or bagged your first squirrel it’s time to eat. This book will show you how to cook soul-satisfying meals. It’s a companion for all who hunt.


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With this book Flannel John returns to his roots by celebrating the bounty of the land. This collection is for those who renew their spirit by spending time with the woods, on the plains and in the marshes. It’s about harvesting from nature’s pantry. Whether you’re filing a deer tag, calling ducks, tracking elk or searching for squirrels, these recipes will help you prepare soul-satisfying meals back at the cabin. This book is a true companion for all who hunt.

“To hunt, prepare and eat the meal is our oldest tradition. It reminds us of who we are and connects us with our humanity.”

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Tim Murphy


Cookbooks for Guys (Book 9)


106 Pages


CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 2 edition (October 8, 2015)







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