Flannel John’s Foraged Food Cookbook: Harvesting Nature’s Groceries (Cookbooks for Guys) (Volume 49)


In Tim Murphy’s 50th cookbook he reminds everyone nature is a grocery store…hunting, fishing, gathering and foraging. The best part of foraging for ingredients is they’re free. If you want to try “living off the land” this is a jumping off point. So dip a toe, or tongue, into dishes like Fiddlehead Stew, Creamed Chickweed, Dry Roasted Grasshoppers, Hickory Milk, Lemon Balm Sun Tea, Steamed Milkweed Pods, Cricket Flour and Maple Tree Seeds.


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Welcome to nature’s grocery store…fishing, hunting, gathering and foraging. For people who choose to “live off the land” there are almost endless supplies of food and tastes if you know where to look. This book dips a toe, and tongue, into some of those found foodstuffs. From Birch Leaf Salad, Dry Roasted Grasshoppers and Creamed Chickweed to Fiddlehead Stew, Cricket Flour and Lemon Balm Sun Tea there is usually something to eat hiding in plain sight. Always employ caution when shopping in the wild. Take care to properly identify, clean and prepare what you harvest to eat. You’re looking for a good meal, not a last supper.

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Tim Murphy


Cookbooks for Guys (Book 49)


80 Pages


CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1 edition (June 1, 2016)







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