Flannel John’s Do-It-Yourself Jerky Cookbook: Meat, Fish, Fowl, Fruits and More (Cookbooks for Guys) (Volume 19)


There is more to making jerky than just drying beef. Author Tim Murphy brings old school and new tastes together in this, his nineteenth “Cookbook for Guys.” This title runs the gamut from beef, elk, moose, duck and turkey to ostrich, salmon, tuna, tofu fruits and vegetables. The recipes work for absolute beginners and experienced pros. The 40 recipes can be prepared in the oven, dehydrator or a smoker. From classic beef and South African Biltong to adventurous marinades, this is the jerky book for every and all tastes.


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Jerky has evolved. There is more to it than sticks of dried beef. Ostrich, deer, elk, chicken, tuna, moose, turkey, salmon and dozens of other critters are gleefully prepared, dried and eaten by jerky fans. New spices and marinades are imparting flavors never before tried. Jerky doesn’t have to be an animal product. Tofu, fruit and vegetables are all getting the dried snack treatment now. The 40 recipes in this book range from South African Biltong to Caribbean Coconut Jerky, from standard beef and venison versions to Hawaiian Tuna and Apple Pear Fruit Jerkies. Turn on the oven, fire up the dehydrator or flip on that smoker. Time dries when you’re making jerky!

“There is nothing more rewarding than preparing a meal that satisfies not only your hunger but demonstrates your self-sufficiency.” – Flannel John

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Tim Murphy


Cookbooks for Guys (Book 19)


48 Pages


CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1 edition (August 31, 2014)







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