Flannel John’s Carnivore Cookbook: Beef with a Side of Pork and Lamb (Cookbooks for Guys) (Volume 24)


Flannel John’s 24th “Cookbook for Guys” goes primal with “Flannel John’s Carnivore Cookbook – Beef with a Side of Pork and Lamb.” Steaks, chops, meat loaf and ribs are just the start. Take the perfect piece of meat, add a little heat and you have comfort food fit for a chewer!


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Meat is Man’s (and woman’s) primal food. From steaks, chops and ribs to meat loaf, stew and chili there are flavors that stir us. The smell of that perfect piece of meat prepared simply and deliciously is one of the most powerful forces in nature. So dig in, bite and chew until your eyes roll back in your head. As Flannel John says “a good meal makes for a good day.” For true carnivores, these beef, pork and lamb recipes can make for dozens of good days.

“Comfort food runs deep. Mom’s meat loaf, the grilled steak and dad’s chili recipe aren’t just good food, they’re good memories.” – Flannel John.

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Tim Murphy


Cookbooks for Guys (Book 24)


80 Pages


CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1 edition (February 2, 2015)







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