LisaMarie Costanzo – Author & Medical Marijuna Advocate

LisaMarie Costanzo is the wife of “Flannel John” author Tim Murphy. Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2006. She moved to Oregon in 2012 for the “mountains, ocean and medical marijuana.” Like many people with MS, she found that medical marijuana helped with pain management, fatigue and to combat insomnia. Also like many people with MS, she preferred not to smoke. For her, edibles produced the best results. It gave her a nice sustained, relaxed effect. Inspired by her husband, she wanted to impart her culinary experience and pot research into books to help others that could benefit from medicinal marijuana. She infuses the herb into butters and oils and cooks with it. One of her favorite recipes is her “Magic Chai Tea.” An explanation of how to make the oil and butter is included in all four of her books.

LisaMarie’s 420 Diner cookbooks are temporarily unavailable for purchase, but will be made available again soon when we launch the brand new 420 Diner website!